About Table Talk Blog by DJ Lopez

My hope and prayer is to create a dialogue about God’s plan for us and an understanding of every day situation we go through.  Can we talk about it?  Can we sit down at the table of life and open up our hearts as we break “Bread”.  God’s word becomes the mirror that reflects where we stand in life.  Can we embrace it?  I pray we can because it is the only hope we have to live a rich life, not as man see’s it but as God in visions it.

When I think of tables it has a twist for me.  The most essential time of my day is when I break bread with my family and discuss the days events.  This is a time in which much reflection as a family takes place.  Between my son Ben (DJ Pez) and daughter Keila another inspirational time occurs around the turntables of life.  Crazy right, turntables!  My son has been djying since he was four http://djlopez.org/blog.html.  I thought to my self instead breaking needles why don’t I teach him how to use it as well as my daughter.  Thus table talk was born!  Think about it, in life we see so much heartache and pain, but if we can teach others not to break the needles of life couldn’t the sound of life be sweeter.  Email me and tell you story because I would love to hear from you.  Below is my website

Front Cover of Album Perfect Lesson


DJ Lopez Official Site

DJ Lopez mix show

Educational Website Blog if you like science lol http://djlopez7.wordpress.com/

Fellowship of Christian Athletes http://www.fca.org/

Crossover Community Church http://crossoverchurch.org/

Soul Mag TV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8p29FUcU9VI


dj Lopez


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