Steps to Leading Ministry : Larry Acosta


In Leadership you must Clarify what matters most

  • Personal faith
  • Spiritual vitality
  • Must stay spiritually healthy and whole
  • Be careful not to stay busy and forget the intimacy you need with God.
  • Character starts with connection with Jesus.
  • Have healthy relationships
  • In marriage practice (date nights, devotional, prayer time and reflection.
  • Safeguard your children to ensure they are having a healthy relationship with you. (Ask questions and learn to listen)
  • Take care of your personal health and body.Inventory perspective
  • Sort them out in order to help you prioritize what is important to handle
  • Meditate on the good things that are occurring in your life.
  • Look at your problems as opportunities to work on.
  • Find activities that provide release in order to take time to gain perspective.

Audit Your Character

  • Check your finances and assess the debt. (Do you have a plan)
  • How are you handling power? (Are you distributing it or do you control it?
  • How is your pride? “Remember submission is better than ammunition?”
  • Are you having issues with sexual misconduct? (You are only as sick as your secrets.)
  • Ministry won’t develop until you begin to bring to God and seek help in these areas.
  • How are you handling unhealthy family relationships?

Be Real with Your Drivers

  • Negative drivers are emotions in response to pain that has been inflected on us.
  • They create a pattern for how we are coping with other situations.
  • For example: People driven by performance could have resulted by having a father that always put them down.  Their goal is to seek ways to fulfill that need and possibly reach affirmation from their father.
  • Don’t focus on the fire alarm, find out what is causing the fire.
  • Refocus- Learn what and who re fuels you:
  • Who are your life giving friends you can go back to for support.
  • What are life giving activities that you can schedule in 2 to 3 times a month.


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